At NEXT our Pride at NEXT committee, we want to highlight this important month and educate people about the history of LGBT.

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LGBT History Month
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7 reasons why it's important to have LGBT History Month!

Reason 1: To remember those without rights

There are still 73 jurisdictions in the world that criminalise "private, consensual, same-sex sexual activity", according to the Human Dignity Trust.

Reason 2: To remember how we got rights

Being homosexual was decriminalised in the UK in 1967, recent enough to still be in the minds of many citizens.

Reason 3: To discover the hidden histories we were never taught

LGBTQ+ identities have existed as long as humans have, but history books tend to either barely mention, completely ignore or deliberately erase LGBTQ+ people’s existence and contributions.

Reason 4: To let LGBTQ+ children see themselves reflected back in their history

Beyond the entertaining but potentially trivial facts of Antarctic animal's sexualities, LGBT rights charity Stonewall found that two out of five LGBTQ+ children don’t learn anything about LGBTQ+ issues at school. 

Reason 5: To learn how to change the world

The gay rights movement teaches people the generosity and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as the ability to stand up and achieve what they believe in. Take a look at the info 

Reason 6: To remember how far we’ve come, even recently

Even within the last 30 years the social acceptability of being outwardly gay, bi, trans, intersex or gender-non-conforming has changed hugely.

Reason 7: To learn about those different from ourselves. LGBTQ+ History Month is for more than just the LGBTQ+

It exposes the culture of those different from us and helps encourage tolerance through understanding.